Our Stance on BlackBerry Playbook Repair

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The BlackBerry mania is undeniably one of the latest trends known to all the corners of the earth. With its unique array of smart phone devices, it has captivated a large chunk of the market worldwide. Its many functions including personal digital assistant, internet browser, gaming system, and many more have proved to be very enticing. Among others, the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is its famous feature. Just recently, another addition to the BlackBerry family is the BlackBerry Playbook. However, even this baby has pampering needs at times making you need to have a BlackBerry Playbook repair.

BlackBerry Playbook Repair

BlackBerry Playbook Restoration: Design and Features

BlackBerry Playbook is BlackBerry’s newest tablet having a 7-inch LCD display. Its appealing looks can accommodate 1024 x 600 resolution. With this gadget, you can enjoy high-speed performance with its 1GHz dual core processor and 1GB random-access memory (RAM). By simply swiping, this gadget easily starts up so that you can easily enjoy games or internet browsing. It is powerful yet user friendly. Using QNX technology, multitasking is no issue. One can just imagine enjoying its fast-paced response.

Since this has a 7” display, customers no longer sacrifice surfing the net in resized screens. Instead, customers can enjoy games and different applications with convenience. Its internet capability enables you to connect to the world and other blackberry devices across the globe. It also has Bluetooth features as well. Much more than that, you can use the front camera of this gadget to capture images at 3MP and the rear camera to take photos at 5MP. All these and more are squeezed in to a 0.4” tablet.

However, even with careful use, or perhaps due to unforeseen circumstances, this gadget may be damaged thus affecting its performance. When this happens, it is necessary that your gadget be addressed and be checked by the experts. For these instances, there are a couple of options available but you have to choose which one is most suitable for you. We have a wide array of repair and restoration services available for all BlackBerry products. See all of our BlackBerry repair and restoration services here.

Using our BlackBerry Repair Services to Fix the Problem

Even your BlackBerry needs a tune up! Yes, you read that right, your gadget needs a tune up. At times, it just needs a little prepping or maintenance just like your car. During this procedure, dust is taken out from the parts. The gadget is first dismantled into components and individually checked and cleaned. This will make sure that no accumulated dust and moisture can damage the mother board. More often than not, customers who had their gadgets tuned up said that their precious gadget lived almost twice its expected life span. Additionally, despite what type of BlackBerry device you have, another great service for general maintenance that would expand its lifespan, would be a complete housing repair. Explore this service here.

Also, we have to take note that before actually proceeding to perform a BlackBerry Playbook repair, one still has to undergo a diagnostic check to see whether or not the Blackberry is really in deep trouble. Generally, this service is completed for free excluding the shipping charge. The gadgets with unknown problems or those which have been submerged in water benefit greatly from this service.

More importantly, BlackBerry manufacturers can directly perform repairs and provide support as long as the device is still within its 12-month warranty period. There are instances when we thought that the gadget was already damaged but in fact some settings were just not properly configured or were accidentally deactivated. In these circumstances, the company can provide technical support and advise users on what to do.

The manufacturer offers 90-day assistance after activation to entertain issues and inquiries about the gadget. After that, the limited warranty applies but the good thing is that the manufacturer will be the one who will directly check the condition of your BlackBerry Playbook. To those who still want to avail from extended technical support and coverage, you can most certainly take advantage of Repair Lab’s expertise. We offer the highest quality BlackBerry Playbook repair.

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