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The iPhone is a definite must-have for every tech person to complete their gadget collection. With hundreds of apps that can satisfy anyone’s entertainment craving or business needs, the iPhone has easily made its way into the hearts of people of all ages, gender, and location. However amazing an iPhone may be, unfortunately it is not indestructible. When having issues with software and hardware, people often look for ways to have a cheap iPhone repair. Some may even resort to a risky, self-repair, than to shell out a couple of hundred bucks just to have their iPhone fixed by a professional. Let’s first discuss some common iPhone problems, so that a trip to the service center might not be needed at all!

Cheap iPhone Repair

Do-It-Yourself: Cheap iPhone Troubleshooting

Problem 1: My iPhone’s Battery Life is so Low! There Must be an Issue With the Battery or the Charger.

First of all, there is no such thing as an eternal battery – they eventually all get exhausted especially if there are multiple processes the machine is attempting to complete. There is an easy solution to extend battery life – switch off unnecessary processes, close the apps that are not in use, turn your Wi-Fi or GPS off, and/or adjust notification settings on some of your not-so-useful apps.

Another tip to stretch your phone's battery’s life is to adjust your iPhone screens brightness. Having a really bright screen in the daylight hours is not only unnecessary, but it also tremendously drains your battery’s life. This is one of the easiest way to perform cheap iPhone troubleshooting yourself. Simply adjust your phone's brightness by going to “Settings”, “Brightness”, then move the dial to accommodate the proper brightness. Do not turn the auto-brightness on – this will also drain your battery’s life.

Another trick to lengthen your battery’s lifespan is to charge it properly. Do not charge your iPhone while its battery is still at or above the 20% mark. It is best to drain your battery’s power down to zero (or close to zero) before charging it back up to 100%. By doing this, the battery is replenished to its best performance. Oh, and another tip – remove your iPhone from any protective casing when charging as this may cause your iPhone to overheat!

Problem 2: My iPhone is Very Slow! My iPhone is broken for sure!

Before searching for a cheap iPhone repair service, check if your iPhone is loaded with a lot of apps. Filling up your iPhone’s memory will take its toll on its performance and speed. The safest solution is for you to transfer your files to your computer, or completely delete things that you do not need anymore. Letting your iPhone breathe more freely will greatly improve its speed and overall performance.

Problem 3: My iPhone won’t respond and just gives me a blank screen! But it’s turned on – it’s actually ringing right now.

Hold it - you don’t need a repair service for this one, it’s actually free! Try cheap iPhone troubleshooting yourself by simply resetting your iPhone. How to reset? First press and hold the Sleep/Wake and the House buttons together for around 10 seconds. If the slider for turning the phone off appears, ignore it – just continue pressing down on the buttons until the phone turns dark, meaning it’s turned off. Turn it on again. The Apple logo should appear after holding the button on the top right corner of your device. That should clear your problem!

Choosing Professional Cheap iPhone Repair

Before heading out to search for a cheap iPhone repair shop, make sure that they are authorized to do the necessary repairs on your iPhone. It is also essential to make sure that they have the right training, skills and materials for the repair. If you’re not sure, take your device to the authorized iPhone dealer and have them take a look at your iPhone. It’s the surest way!

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