iPod Battery Replacement

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An iPod is a handy device made for storing and playing music tracks. It was first introduced in 2001 and has been increasingly used worldwide since then. But just like any other type of technology, iPod also has its limitations. The most common problem is its battery lifespan. According to the manufacturers of this device, battery life can last from one and a half to three years depending on the usage. When this moment comes, you have two choices. You can buy a new unit and dispose the one you have or you can just avail for an iPod battery replacement service.

iPod Battery Replacement

Pros and Cons of iPod Battery Replacement

Generally, changing your iPod battery should be less costly than purchasing a new one. Having a new battery can bring back your iPod’s optimum level of function without spending that much money. Aside from the cost, there are certain people who place sentimental value on things. There can be special tracks stored in the device or the device itself has been given to them by their loved ones. For this type of people, opting for a battery replacement is the way to go.

A major disadvantage of iPod battery replacement is the fact that it is not user-replaceable. With this, you will need the help of a professional. You have the option of either consulting directly to the manufacturers or going to local gadget repair shops in your city. Unlike other gadgets, the iPods’ case cannot be readily opened and since their batteries are locked up inside, having your batteries replaced by a professional is safer and more convenient. However, if you have been trained, this is not a problem. You can just buy a battery compatible to your iPod device and you place it yourself.

What are your Options in iPod Battery Replacement?

  • Replacing the battery directly from the manufacturer
    The manufacturer of iPod provides services that include battery replacement of their product for those who wish to avail the service. In this manner, you are confident that your iPod is safeguarded since the ones fixing it are iPod professionals. However, this type of service is best utilized during the gadget’s warranty period to avail of a much lesser expense. For out-of-warranty devices, there are still services provided but this comes with a higher price.
  • Licensed Repair Company
    There are lots of licensed iPod repair companies available online that offers battery replacement services for iPods. This is still recommended as long as the company is legitimate to operate. All you have to do is to search for these companies on the internet. Make sure you take note of important actions before sending it for repair such as synchronizing your iPod so that all your vital data are safely backed up.
  • Hands-on Repair
    This means that the user himself is the one doing the repair. This is allowed as long as the user knows how to do it. But he must take note that personally opening his iPod breaks its’ warranty. He must also be careful from damaging it even more.

When there is a need to replace your iPods’ battery, just make sure that you have chosen the right company and person to do it. There are a lot of choices you can go for to avail the iPod battery replacement but it is important to go to trusted repair service provider. RepairLabs is an expert in anything and everything related to the iPod.