iPod Touch Battery Replacement

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The gadget iPod Touch is basically another version of iPod that has special features and design. As its name implies, it is a touchscreen type of iPod and has also been referred to as the iTouch. Like any other iPod, it functions as a portable media player and personal digital assistant with added features such as handheld game console and Wi-Fi capability. This has been upgraded to quite a few versions. It has first, second, third and fourth generation iPod touch models as its latest versions.

If you are wondering what are the differences between these varied iPod generations, it’s still basically their added features. Since the iPod Touch gets its power from a battery supply, we cannot deny the fact that sooner or later its battery life will end. It is an evitable fact that all battery-operated devices have to face. However, the end of your iPod’s battery does not equally mean your iPod’s death too. There is still hope for you- iPod touch battery replacement is here to the rescue.

iPod Touch Battery Replacement

Why You Would Need iPod Touch Battery Replacement

The ultimate reason for the deterioration of iPod touch battery is its average lifespan which is about one and a half to three years. This can be related to the “wear and tear theory” which believes that the effects of aging are caused by damage done to cells and body systems over time. Basically, these systems “wear out”, and once they do, they can no longer function properly. In relation to iPod, this can be shown as a form of depreciation which is assumed to follow even when the item is used proficiently and with proper maintenance. We all need to face the fact that its battery will eventually deteriorate. But as what we have said, we can always opt to avail for iPod touch battery replacement.

Even though iPod touch battery has an average lifespan of one a half to three years, there are other people that have used their iPods to more than their average lifespan. It’s probably on the way they handle their gadget. Your iPod’s battery can hold up to 80% of its original charge capacity for the first 400 charge and discharge cycles. After which, the battery will not be able to hold sufficient charge anymore. Overcharging and over-using your iPod can negatively affect its battery. The company recommends that charging your iPod once a day is the most beneficial way. But most of the time, we are so busy that using our gadget beyond its average usage is increased. Over time, it starts to slow down, and until it reaches its “wear out” stage. But if it’s just the battery causing the problem- iPod touch battery replacement can still save your iPod.

What is iPod Touch Battery Replacement and How Can You Avail This?

The iPod touch battery replacement is a service offered by the iPod company and many other repair shops found online. The company provides one-year warranty period. When your iPod’s battery has already deteriorated, you can contact the company directly and have your battery replaced. For out-of-warranty iPod touch, there is a program made by the company to accommodate iPod touch in this case. If you are looking for other options; there are online repair shops available that is less expensive than iPod’s company itself. It is recommended as long as they are licensed. Lastly, if you have thorough knowledge in battery replacements, you can replace your battery yourself. There are many self-help videos found online that provides tutorial on battery replacement so that an average person can also perform this task. You just have to choose what is suitable for your needs.