MacBook Air Repair

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If you own a MacBook Air, surely you have found your best digital companion. You have liberated yourself from the time when humongous, Triassic-era, heavy laptops roamed the desktops. You love your MacBook and how light, beautiful, professional-looking, modern and powerful it is. But then, one day, as you are happily having a good time with your MacBook pal, it suddenly stopped working. Everything around you spins and denial sets in. Finally, you came to an acceptance – you have a baked Mac. The first impulse? Go to the nearest MacBook Air repair outlet – and fast.

MacBook Air Repair

Common Issues that may require a MacBook Air Repair

One common issue for MacBook Air, especially for the earlier versions, is overheating. The fan running full throttle (ironically) and certain internal parts that become overused can cause the MacBook Air to overheat and sometimes, lock-up. In 2008, Apple released an update, the MacBook Air SMC Update 1.0, which should change the speed and operation of the notebook’s internal fan. However, some frustrated users reported that the update didn’t do much at all for their MacBook’s hot air problem. If this happens to you, head out to a MacBook Air Repair outlet.

Another issue is the MacBook Air’s hinges. Being ultra thin (claiming to have the record for the thinnest notebook), opening the lid, even gingerly, can put strain to the hinges at the back. Symptoms of straining can include cracks near either of the hinges, inability of closing the lid completely and lid falling freely from a 30 degree open position. When your MacBook is experiencing either of these problems, you can take your unit to the nearest Apple outlet for evaluation, and possibly, a MacBook Air Repair, if necessary.

What you need to know before having a MacBook Air Repair

First of all, you need to understand that the repair store is not a heaven-sent answer for all your tech problems. For one thing, even if your unit is still under a one-year warranty, understand that this warranty does have some limitations to consider. For example, if your MacBook Air is damaged because of accidental liquid spills or submersion, unauthorized service and unauthorized modifications, or other damage not written in the warranty, repair may still be available for your beloved notebook. However, any charges for labor and for parts should be shouldered by the owner.

If you decide to have the MacBook repair center repair your MacBook Air, you have to agree to their service terms (and fee) before repair can begin. On the other hand, if your MacBook experiences some catastrophic damages, like accidentally running over your notebook (as if that would happen), it will not be eligible for MacBook Air repair service.

What if your MacBook Air’s warranty is expired? Apple service centers would still accept service, however, you are required to pay for all the cost of the service, shipping (if needed), labor and any parts that needs to be replaced. A quotation of the cost will be shown to you, and all you need to do is give the authorization for the repair to commence.

But why wait until you get a baked Mac? The best cure, even for your beloved MacBook Air, is still prevention. Take good care of your unit, do not overuse it, identify its “weaknesses” and avoid them, and, take it from millions of people’s experience, stay away from liquids! You can be sure that your companion will stay far from any MacBook Air Repair.

Here at Repair Labs, we can make sure that your gadget will work as good as new after the MacBook Air repair service. Our team is renowned for quality service and fast delivery. If you are interested in taking advantage of comprehensive MacBook Air repair, don’t hesitate to call us today.