MacBook Air Screen Replacement

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So you have a MacBook Air, congrats. A few years of ups and downs together and still your notebook is working just fine. You noticed that the letters on the keyboard are starting to fade and you thought, “I am a touch typist – I don’t mind”. A few tiny inspection and you see that your notebook has a layer of dust – “I’ll just wipe it, no biggie”, you decided. The white color of its housing is starting to turn a light shade of beige, but “hey, it’s just the color, it’s still running fine”, you thought. Then, after a few more months of working on your notebook, a tiny crack makes its way across your screen, then a few weeks more and bam! SOS! You know it is time for a MacBook Air Screen Replacement.

MacBook Air Screen Replacement

Do You Need MacBook Air Screen Replacement?

The MacBook Air is a very thin notebook – so you can only imagine how all its internal parts, which are also miniaturized, are crammed inside its slim physique. If you have an experience in opening up and disassembling your own machines at home, you may find that opening your MacBook Air is quite different – the arrangement of the parts would look like an alien gadget at first glance. So even if you have the goods to even try and make the MacBook Air Screen Replacement yourself (because your warranty is expired anyway), it is still quite risky to do it yourself.

Letting a trained professional from Apple itself is still the best option to have a MacBook Air Screen Replacement, with warranty or not. Their expertise will ensure minimal room for error and collateral damage on the other parts of your notebook. They have the right tools, know-how and materials for the job. Even if they make a mistake and damage a part of your notebook during the operation, you can be sure that they can fix it, and you won’t have to carry the burden of additional cost (and you’ll be left with a clean conscious, too).

Issues on Cost for a MacBook Air Screen Replacement

You can buy screen replacements online for a way cheaper price ($120+). Even before the risk of disassembling your notebook comes, another risk takes form. Though buying online parts can lessen your overall cost considerably, you may get the wrong item, e.g. wrong part number, then it would be useless. If you have knowledge about techie things like this, then fine.

On Apple store, however, costs for repair can really soar beyond your budget’s roof. A customer has complained being charged $700 for parts and repairs – like 70% of the cost of a brand new MacBook Air! But think about it, $120 for the screen, but the professionals would also do more than just replace the screen – they also replace the entire top and even change the backlight. Of course, the payment for their labor would be yours to shoulder.

Having a MacBook Air Screen Replacement is not easy, nor is it cheap. So take care of your precious one! Your notebook does not feature a touch-screen (yet, oh Apple what’s next?), so do not poke on the screen when you’re frustrated. Stay away from violent siblings that may use your notebook as a shield when you try to throw him out your room. Your MacBook Air will live longer if you know how to avoid dangers.

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