MacBook Screen Replacement

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Accidents can happen and this is the usual reason why users may need Macbook screen replacement. Laptop parts are vulnerable including the screen. A person can easily drop the Macbook and have his screen broken if he is not paying attention. Fortunately, your Macbook can be salvaged. You can have screen replaced easily by bringing to Apple service centers or its authorized repair centers.

Sophistication comes with price. Macbook screen replacement costs around $250.00 from Apple. The duration of the repair differs on where you have sent it for fix. It usually takes 3-5 business days to have the replacement done if you mail out your unit to Apple service centers or another offsite repair shop.

MacBook Screen Replacement

DIY Macbook Screen Replacement

Other alternative for having a broken Macbook screen is to buy a compatible screen from somewhere else. Yes is it will be cheaper though this is not readily advisable. With that being said though, there are quite a few good options for Macbook screen replacement. Many are from Taiwan. After having bought a replacement, you then bring your Macbook to a technician that can have it replace for you. If you think you can do the work yourself, the next paragraphs will tell you how to do a Macbook screen replacement by yourself.

First, you need to have a very small screwdriver (Philips-head) and prepare a work area by laying out a white cloth (this is helpful in dismantling parts). Bring some containers; this is where you have to put the screw and other parts in doing the Macbook screen replacement. You must bear in mind that every screw in a Mac has a unique location. So don’t get confused with this. Do something that will make you remember.

After unscrewing the outside screws, you can now then remove the keyboard. From there, you can see the display part and the connections, in which you should logically trace what connections to unplug for the display. Warning, it is a maze out there. These connections are screwed making the task much tougher. It is also important to disconnect all connections before you would be able to have the display connections unplugged from the motherboard.

When this is done, it would be time for you to formulate a plan how to extract the broken screen from the casing. Be very care in doing all of this for you are working with delicate stuff. After the broken screen is extracted, you can now then place the Macbook screen replacement. In putting everything back at its place, do the reverse the process. It is important to remember each step you’ve made, each connection you unplugged.

Professional Macbook Screen Replacement

It can be very difficult to do the Macbook screen replacement process yourself especially if you have no experience in doing it. It is better to trust these things to the experts. It is much safer if you have the process done at reliable service centers. There are many companies that offer Macbook screen replacement. It is important to choose the firm carefully to get the best service at the best price. Here’s where Repair Labs come into the picture.

Individuals who need comprehensive Macbook-related services including Macbook screen replacement can look to Repair Labs for high-quality service. Here at Repair Labs, our team ensures that your device will become fully functional again within the stated timeframe. We offer comprehensive repair services which will make your device perform better.

Our team has extensive experience in Macbook screen replacement so be rest assured that your device is in good hands when you choose us for the job.