Motorola Xoom Repair

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If you’re looking for Motorola Xoom repair, then it is important to know the ins and outs of this device. The Xoom is actually the first android tablet released and created by a well-known mobile phone company. It is driven by a dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and Google Android display which are tremendously powerful processors. Due to these processors, Motorola Xoom can run smoothly and rapidly without lagging or freezing. This has a 1GB and 32GB internal storage and a memory card slot wherein the user can be able to expand the memory on the device, which other tablets don’t have.

Like any other device, tablets can be used for audio and video playing, messaging, web browsing and many others. It has a sleek and a sophisticated design. Some online reviews stated that although it has an elegant style, it is much thicker and heavier compared to other tablet devices available in the market. A special feature of this tablet is that it has a HDMI connection which allows the tablet to be connected to a television that is suited for watching movies, videos and/or photographs in a much larger screen.

But because this device is just new in the market, there had been lots negative feedbacks; few of which are that the device very expensive and its screen display is not of premium color and clarity. Fortunately, companies have constantly been prepared for this futuristic risk and Motorola Xoom is of no exception to that- Motorola Xoom Repair is available.

Motorola Xoom Repair

The Motorola Xoom Repair Service

The first question to rise is how someone would know if his /her device needs Motorola Xoom repair. Well, this really depends on the situation. If the device has really some obvious physical damage, it is absolutely a candidate for the service. But sometimes, there are defects on the device that we don’t immediately recognize.

To make sure your device is functioning fully, Motorola provided a website for its product’s diagnostic and troubleshooting information. All you have to do is visit their website and read through the available information provided. There are simple instructions provided and information given is very substantial. It is very simple and comprehensive that any average person can follow through it. It is like visiting a health clinic or a doctor for a physical check-up.

What You Can Expect from Motorola Xoom Repair

The Motorola Xoom repair service has an average repair time of 4-5 business days upon dropping your off device. The company will ship a pre-paid packing label and a special box to securely return the device. The package includes instructions for backing up your device, and instructions for packaging and checking status of the repair. The company offers a one year warranty service for qualified repairs- free of charge.

For out-of-warranty services, corresponding fees shall be applied. The company specifies that damage that resulted from obvious physical abuse and any liquid, water, rain and extreme humidity are disqualified from warranty coverage. Before submitting your device for repair, you have to make sure that all important files in your tablet are already backed up. Although the company is responsible for the protection of your device, they do not assure protection and preservation of the files stored in your Motorola Xoom tablet. You have to know the risk of shipping your device- damage due to inevitable forces of nature is always possible.

In this regard, although a Motorola Xoom repair service is available anytime, there are still people who opt to fix their gadgets on their own. There are available online videos that could possibly help you just in case you still don’t have any experience in repairs. But above all, bear in mind the risk of Motorola Xoom repair and accept responsibility for such action for this will void warranty of the device.