Tablet Repair

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Tablets – those laptop-looking tech gadgets minus the keyboard – are now making its way into the hearts, and hands, of people all over the globe. Frankly speaking, would not want to have one? For the entertainment seekers worldwide, they have found the tablet to be their new best friend – imagine music, movie, games and documents all in one, huge screen! With minimal bulk and less cables, it is easy to understand why tablets are selling like pancakes nowadays, no matter what brand or size they come. But being over-excited (and sometimes frustrated) can lead you to accidentally damage (or by overusing it, unknowingly killing slowly. But no worries. By taking advantage of tablet repair services, fixing the tablet won’t be a nightmare.

Tablet Repair

Common Reasons for a Tablet Repair

The Achilles’ heel for most touch screen devices such as the tablet is its hyper sensitive digitizer screen. The digitizer screen is the screen just below the “glass” screen of the tablet, and it is responsible for transforming your taps and touches into digital commands; or in lay man’s terms, the digitizer screen is the real “touch screen”. Because the digitizer screen is not very thick, too much pressure from touching, tapping or dropping the tablet can cause it to crack. Usually, when the digitizer screen gets damaged, the performance of the tablet is not affected (not counting the touch feature, of course) – it just leaves a slightly visible crack that does not give much of an eye sore. For most people who hate looking at a crack while viewing their favorite movie, they would just opt to have a tablet repair.

Besides the digitizer screen, the liquid crystal display, commonly shortened to LCD screen, is also easily damaged, due to constant interaction between its surface and our fingers. The worst damage can cause the screen to have weird discolorizations, ripples much like that on water, or even malfunctioning of the screen itself, i.e. not turning on at all, despite internal machines working good. This is another good excuse for anyone to visit a tablet repair shop.

When your tablet is indeed damaged, never attempt to repair it yourself, except if you are a techie professional or an engineer specializing on laptop repair and tablets, then that would be superb (saves you money and time). Tablets contain parts that may look different from normal computers and laptops, some are even sensitive, and failing to handle them with care can cause more damage. Take them to the nearest tablet repair shop immediately.

Take Care to Avoid Tablet Repair

Tablets are the baby cousins of your desktop and laptop computers – they are young and fragile, and yet they require the same basic care to avoid future mishaps. And we know the cliché about prevention, don't we?

First of all, take care of it physically. That means, getting the right accessories and protection, and not just get those that simply fit and look good. Wrong accessories for your tablet can even cause it to overheat due to poor ventilation! Also choose a good protector, hard or soft, so your tablet will be safe from scratches and bigger damage when it accidentally falls. Screen protectors are also available.

Next, to save battery life (literally, the lifespan of the battery AND how long it would last from it fully charged), turn it off when not in use. If you are not browsing the net, turn the Wi-Fi off. Same with Bluetooth.

Finally (though not concluding the care procedure), install a good antivirus. No brainer there. So all in all, prevention is still the best cure. There is no prescription medicine for tablets. Taking care of your tablet can help you have fewer visits to the tablet repair clinic.

If all else fails though, there is still hope if you go to a professional and certified tablet repair provider. Here at Repair Labs, we can make sure that your gadget will work as good as new after undergoing the comprehensive tablet repair service.