Tablet Screen Replacement

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Android tablets are now trending, and are slowly making their moves into every household worldwide. Though not quite as powerful as their older cousins, laptop and desktop computers, tablets are widely used mainly for entertainment purposes like gaming (not the MMORPG ones), watching movies, internet surfing or document viewing. And for techie leisure-seekers, they would prefer the light-weight, carry-everywhere tablet. But sometimes, the user can get over-excited about something, like tapping too hard, or become frustrated with a document that he would drop a fist on his tablet, and then you know what may happen on your tablet’s screen! By touching or tapping too much or too hard, the screen may crack. When this happens, it is time to repair your gadget and have a tablet screen replacement.

Tablet Screen Replacement

Identifying the Correct Tablet Screen Replacement

If attempting to take matters in your own hands (though it is discouraged to do so), identifying the specific part of your tablet that is damaged is the first step to take before getting a tablet screen replacement.

The thing that makes a tablet, a “tablet”, is its touch function. When you see that horrible crack running across on your screen, identify first which is damaged – the LCD monitor, or the touch screen. If by a little tap here or a little touch there (if the operating system successfully loads, that is), you see that the touch feature is still working, then the damage is more likely focused on just the glass – the monitor screen. Usually, cracks do not cause that much of an eye strain, they just make your tablet look… damaged. If you see strange splashes of colors that should not have been there, then the LCD (Liquid crystal display) is damaged. If by testing it you find that your tablet fails to interact with your touch, then it must be the touch “screen”, or more appropriately, the digitizer screen, (a little below the main glass) that is broken.

Where to Get Tablet Screen Replacement

Tablet Screen Replacements can be found on the nearest computer hardware store, or even online at a cell phone repair service for a reasonable price. However, in the case of the digitizer screen, it would be next to impossible or simple mega rare to have it separated from the entire screen itself. If by good chance you happen to find one somewhere, depending on the brand of the tablet, the digitizer can cost just a few hundred less than the entire screen where it belongs, which is the reason why handymen would rather choose to buy the whole screen.

For the Handymen Out There…

During the moment when you pry open your tablet, remember to be careful with some of the clips that hold the screen together – when you break them, you need to replace them (and repair them) as well. Additional cost? Yes.

Choose the correct place to work. You do not want to have debris on your screen (or anywhere inside your tablet). Work with clean, dry hands. Also, choose tools that are of the right size to pry open things, otherwise, when you are not careful, you may end up damaging your tablet even more.

The bottom line is, no tablet screen replacement will happen if the table is very well taken of. Brand names do not guarantee high quality (well sometimes they do). Ultimately, your gadget’s lifespan rests in your hands. So if it gets damaged and you can’t repair the device properly, it’s time to seek professional help from Repair Labs.

Our team can ensure that your gadget will work as good as new after the tablet screen replacement service. Our team is renowned for quality service and fast delivery. If you are interested in taking advantage of comprehensive computing repair services, don’t hesitate to call us today.