Windows Cell Phone Repair

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Microsoft Windows, being one of the most recognizable products in the world, has took the mobile operating system competition one notch higher by creating their own OS that is specifically designed for pocket or mobile gadgets – Windows Mobile. It is a bold decision, and is accepted worldwide with positive feedback and results. Windows Mobile is integrated with various hand-held gadgets such as mobile phones, pocket pc’s, smart phones and other devices. Despite its success, its users have reported various issues that they believe require a Windows cell phone repair. However, Windows has given some support for a self-diagnosis and “treatment” for a do-it-yourself Windows cell phone repair.

Windows Cell Phone Repair

Issues That May Not Need Windows Cell Phone Repair

Various users have reported their windows cell phones suddenly freezing up on them, i.e. stops working while you are trying to do something. Another most common issue happens when you try to hook up your windows cell phone with your computer, and it fails to recognize the device. Performance is another common problem, wherein the windows cell phone runs a little slower than usual. All these problems are experienced by a lot of windows mobile users, and these can be resolved on your own, with just a few simple steps that do not require a trip to a Windows cell phone repair shop.

The first step that would clear out most common problems is by power cycling i.e., a reset. You simply press and hold the power button or the red “End Call” button for a few seconds until the device shuts down. Then, turn it back on using the same procedure. Power cycling clears out whatever windows process crashed, enabling it to restart anew.

If power cycling your windows mobile device does not clear up any issue, try this next step. While your device is still turned on, remove the battery and then return it again (if you have a fresh spare battery, it is better to use that). This process helps filter your device’s network registration, and by giving it a fresh setting may resolve your issue with your windows cell phone. If the above steps do not work, your window’s cell phone may need a master reset. To do this, go to “start”, the “Programs”, then select “Clear Storage”. Enter the code “1234” when asked. A warning though: by doing a master reset your files – documents, pictures, mp3, etc. - may be removed, so it is a good idea to (always) save a back-up.

A Few Reminders before Getting Windows Cell Phone Repair

Of course, there are damages that are best handled by a professional in a Windows cell phone repair service. It is a very good idea to check if your mobile device is still under warranty, and if not, they may still have the best solutions to whatever problem you have.

When such a circumstance arises, call a Windows cell phone repair service provider and ask to be certain if the damage can still be fixed within a reasonable cost. Depending on the damage, they may inform you that the damage is “beyond economic repair” – this means that the cost of repairs can total more than 50% of your device’s value. It is then up to you to proceed with the repair, or just add a few hundred bucks and buy a new one.

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