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  • The Best Tech Gifts for Cyber Monday 2012

    Curtis Taylor Curtis Taylor
    Posted on November 23, 2012

    The Top Tech Gifts for Every Type


    Ultimate Tech Gift Guide for 2012

    There are great tech gifts out there for every type of person you can imagine.  Here at, we thought we’d make out a list of our favorites for your approval just in time for Cyber Monday. If you're sick of the same old gift ideas, you've come to the right place. Everybody knows an iPad mini or a Nexus 7 tablet would be an awesome gift. But sometimes that's just not the right gift, the perfect gift, the magical rainbow unicorn of gifts.  Actually a tablet is a pretty personal choice. Instead give them a tech gift that they're certain to love, no matter what type of person they are. Here's where you can get your creative juices revving:  you’ll find gifts from $8.00 - $800, and something that certain to tickle the techie fancy of someone you love. We’re sure you’ll find an idea that you love.


    inflatable universal car rack from Tech Gifts Guide 2012

    • If the car doesn’t have luggage racks, this is an ingenious solution. Inflatables! Now dad can haul nearly anything up top.  Universal roof rack $89.99. Buy it here.
    golf swing analysis tool  from Tech Gifts Guide 2012


    kalediscope  from Tech Gifts Guide 2012

    EyeVac Crumb vac from Tech Gifts Guide 2012
    • Eye Vac, just sweep the crumbs in its direction and it sucks them right up.  $99 Buy it here.
    Towel warmer  from Tech Gifts Guide 2012
    • Towel warmer for her spa day, or to warm the kids’ hats, mittens and gloves:  $89.99


    Tankbot smartphone cubicle toys from Tech Gifts Guide 2012

    • Smartphone controlled tankbot for his cubicle; he’ll entertain his office buddies for hours.  Buy it here  for  $24.99




    Portable Bluetooth Speaker from 2012 Tech Gifts Guide



    Bike Wheel Lights from 2012 Tech Gifts Guide

    • Bike wheel lights, graphics synthesizer, generates thousands of changing colors and patterns. Kids will ADORE this gizmo. And extra safety and visibility for parents’ peace of mind. A perfect tech gift! $50

    New Parents

    Self-folding Origami Stroller  from 2012 Tech Gifts Guide

    • This stroller folds itself. FOLDS ITSELF. It also is lighted and charges your iPhone. Is there a tech gift new parents could love any more?  Oragami Stroller  $849.99


    HTML for Babies Book from 2012 Tech Gifts Guide


    Gentleman's Travel Charger Kit from 2012 Tech Gifts Guide


    Ultimate Charging Stationfrom 2012 Tech Gifts Guide

    • Get them the ultimate recharge station, the Kaynex Sydnee Smart Charging Station $149. It holds everything.


    Team Don't Read Crappy Books Sweatshirt from 2012 Tech Gifts Guide


    Instant Digital Polaroid from 2012 Tech Gifts Guide

    • It’s instant! It’s digital! It’s awwwesome!  $159. Your own personal hipster WILL want this instant digital camera.

    It Girl

    Subtle Sparkle iPhone Decoration oid from 2012 Tech Gifts Guide

    • For the girl who has everything? Give her something no one else has. Custom Cemented iPhone Jewels in Subtle Sparkle.  $103 US dollars, but she’s gotta send in her phone across the pond, for this perfect tech gift.


    Slime Flat Tire Emergency Repair Kit from 2012 Tech Gifts Guide

    • The easy answer  when your favorite gearhead and motor-er gets a flat: Slime Safety Spair:$38 this special sealant will get them safely to somewhere they can replace a flat tire, in only 7 minutes!

    Caffeine Junkie

    8 Bit Heart Mug from 2012 Tech Gifts Guide


    Kinetic Power Charger for Devices from 2012 Tech Gifts Guide

    • Whether he’s getting ready for the zombie apocalypse, or just likes to keep his device with him out in the wild, this kinetic device charger: is the perfect find. $199.95

    Health Nut :

    My Blend Bottle Blenders  from 2012 Tech Gifts Guide

    • They need to blend up their smoothie on the run? This blender actually attaches to the bottle, so they can grab and go.  My Blend Bottle Blender.  $29.99


    Digital Measuring Spoon from 2012 Tech Gifts Guide

    • Save time and energy measuring and weighing with this little doodad. Digital Spoon Measure - the  link to buy is  at the bottom - $25.85


    Sensor Pet Water Fountain  from 2012 Tech Gifts Guide

    • Let your lil sweetie get a cool drink whenever he wants with a Doggie water fountain: $79.50. It senses when your pet comes up to it, so he can always have fresh water. Really great for labs who love to drink from the hose!


    • Jawbone UP activity tracking wristband. Works with your smartphone to track sleep cycles and activity levels and goals 129.99


    Heart Headphone Splitter from 2012 Tech Gifts Guide

    • Heart iPhone earbud splitter. Because where there’s one Belieber there is always another.  And they need to be able to share the beats too. $18


    Inkling digital sketch pen from 2012 Tech Gifts Guide


    iPhone Joystick from 2012 Tech Gifts Guide

    • For all of the retro joy of 8bit games! A guaranteed hit.  iPhone Joystick  $13.49

    Mr./Miss OCD

    Neatdesk description from 2012 Tech Gifts Guide

    • Neatdesk  $349.88 Scans business cards, receipts and full sized sheets of paper, and then instantly organizes them! SWEET.


    *All prices are accurate at the time of publishing, but we can’t guarantee that they won’t change. Good Luck, and Happy Shopping for great tech gifts that they will LOVE!

    by , Tech Expert, Freelance Writer.

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  • Geek Fuel: Seriously the biggest “Monster Energy Drink” We’ve EVAR Seen.

    Curtis Taylor Curtis Taylor
    Posted on June 29, 2012

    Monster Energy Drink 32 oz, gift from the caffeine fairy caffine

    because she loves us

    The minions here at RepairLabs tinker away all day and night, fixing broken logic boards, rusted and corroded casings, and shattered device screens. With near-magic precision, we manage to bring dead devices back to life, and it takes a special kind of rocket fuel to power a machine this well-oiled and precise. That’s right, kids.  We couldn’t do it without Caffeine.  And lots and lots of it.

    The Caffeine Fairy dropped this Mega 32 ouncer off at our offices this morning. (I would have gotten a photo of her for you, but she’s quick. And jittery.)  Just look at how this Monster Energy Drink dwarfs that Sharpie highlighter. How could we fix your iPhones and Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy III without it? It keeps our little fingers flying across the keyboards, and soldering away at minuscule logic boards and computer components.   So in the spirit of loving caffeine, we quote the venerable and awesome Mr. Steve Jobs saying:

    "Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes... the ones who see things differently -- they're not fond of rules... You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can't do is ignore them because they change things... they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do."

    And may we add, they do it on caffeine. And ya gotta be just a little bit crazy to drink a Monster that big.

    Horsehead nebula 'Heres to the crazy ones' Steve Jobs quote

    everybody raise your glass... of Monster

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  • Blog Candy: Avengers, Logo-fied

    Curtis Taylor Curtis Taylor
    Posted on June 8, 2012


     Avengers as Tech Logos



    Avengers Tech Logos

    Avengers Fan Art

    Here at RepairLabs, we love the new Avengers Movie, so we thought we’d create a little fan art. You know, merge two things we like: technology and SUPERHEROES! Can you name each logo’s inspiration? Bonus points if you can say why.















    Did you get them all?

    Here are the answers.

    Stark: Sharp

    BlackWidow: Blackberry

    Thor: Dell

    Captain America : Macintosh

    Hulk: HTC


    Thanks for playing, kids tune in next time for more good clean fun from the fine folks at the RepairLabs at Fix-iPhones.

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