Yoda and the Broken Gaming Console

Curtis Taylor Curtis Taylor
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Yoda sends his broken gaming consoles to Repairlabs.com….using the Force!



Yoda's broken gaming console. Sending to www.RepairLabs.com to fix it.

How embarrssing. How embarrassing.

We understand the abject agony of a broken gaming console.

Did you know that we can fix broken gaming consoles? We fix Xboxes, PS3, PSP, PSP Vitas, Wii, Nintendo DS and many more! We can even fix the RED RING of DEATH on Xbox and Playstation. We can replace drives.  We can even fix your Wii if you accidentally throw a controller at it. Pour a soda over your console? We fix that too. We can restore gaming consoles with moisture damage and corrosion (from Mountain Dew, beer, etc, etc). Not to brag, we even fix broken controllers. We change CD ROM drives, pull stuck disks, clean them, and even blow out all the dust. You’d be surprised how dusty those things get. We can even fix broken Beats Headphones. Yes, you heard us right. That was because your Beats Phones are broken.

Yes, you could buy a new one. But then again, the next gen of it is coming out in only 14 months... Maybe you should just upgrade. But you still have to wait those pesky 14 months, with no gaming system. NOT AN OPTION. Trust us, it’s cheaper and faster to get it fixed.

Yoda can get back to playing Madden faster than a pod racer through the Lars Homestead Dome, since we fixed his broken gaming console. This is why Yoda loves us.

“Lost a planet, Master Obi-Wan has. How embarrassing. How embarrassing.”

--Yoda, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

“Broken an Xbox, Master Guns4Hire84 has. How embarrassing. How embarrassing.”

Bet you just read that in Yoda Voice, huh?


So remember, young Jedi Knights and scoundrels everywhere (or in a Galaxy Far Far Away), we fix everything. Send your broken gaming console in to us.

Curtis Taylor

Curtis is one of the lead public technical advisors for all personal electronics. With a burning passion for not only bringing you the most informative articles, but also for his websites RepairLabs and Fix-iPhones.com. His proudest achievement though is Op:HERO -- a program dedicated to making each repair help overcome.

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