Fix A Cell Phone

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Cell phone, cellular phone, hand phone, or mobile phone - whichever way you say it, everyone knows what it is. This is one of the most important inventions made and almost all of us have this on our hands. This has served helpful in making and receiving calls and messages, listening to music, storing important plans and activities, capturing and recording pictures and videos, and many more. But what if your phone suddenly gets damaged? Some or all of its functions will get loss and your phones would not be of great help anymore. But instead of buying a new one that would be very expensive, why not consider to fix a cell phone? There are different damages that can happen to your phone and each of these can be fixed by yourself.

Fix a Cell Phone

Fix a Cell Phone: Solutions to Common Problems

Scratches on the Screen

Phone screen can have many scratches when we put them under our pockets or place it into our bag together with other stuffs such as pens and make-ups. If you want to fix a cell phone with this problem, it is possible to do so by applying a scratch-remover or a polish to it. In this way, you do not have to spend much in buying a new Cell phone screen.

Stuck Pixels

Stuck pixels can happen when there is pressure applied on the Cell phone screen. This can make different areas in your phone to be decolorized. You can fix this buy rubbing the affected area with the cap of a pen or alike (as long as it is not pointed) to disperse it.

Severe Cracks on the Screen

Sometimes, when you do not immediately solve a small scratch, they can turn severe that simple scratch-remover could not handle. In times like this, it is wise to purchase a new Cell phone screen to replace it. Replacing an old Cell phone screen is so easy. You just need to have a screwdriver to remove the old one and replace it with the new Cell phone screen. However, this process may vary from phone-to-phone so you can check your Cell phone manual on how to fix a cell phone or ask assistance from a Cell phone shop.

Damaged by Water

Almost all of the Cell phones are not water-resistant. You must be careful of not having this in contact with any liquid. In an event that you happen to do so, you should not attempt in turning it on. To fix the cell phone, you then have to remove the battery right away. Place the Cell phone over uncooked rice and leave it in for about a day then return the battery. The uncooked rice will help in drying your Cell phone.

Can’t Fix a Cell Phone? Choose a Repair Shop

When all the ways mentioned about still do not solve the problem, then you need to go to a repair shop to for them to fix a cell phone. In choosing what repair shop you could entrust your Cell phone with, it is important that repair shop already have a name and credentials. They must be existing for some time now and trusted by many. The people working there should also have undergone training and are sure experts in fixing a mobile damage. Some people prefer technician who would do the repair to very knowledgeable to that certain model of Cell phone.

Of course, you do not want that you always fix a cell phone. It is still important to take care of your Cell phone to prevent any damage. In taking care of your Cell phone, one must not: (1) sit on or throw the mobile, (2) expose it to extreme temperature, (3) over change it, (4) place it inside your bag together with your pen, key, perfume, and cosmetics.

How to fix a cell phone is easy to do if your Motorola cell phone repair needs are because of a minor damage or problem. When you cannot solve it yourself, you can always ask help from the experts in Cell phone repair. At Repair Labs, we know how to fix a cell phone properly and thoroughly. Expect top-notch services.