RepairLabs believes that with great power comes great responsibility. We think that we can make every repair we do count for something more. But we need your help. That’s where Op:HERO comes in. It’s our simple program that allows you to donate anything from $1 up at checkout.

Op:HERO’s Mission is simple: we want to raise awareness and funds for worthy causes. We want to educate and empower our friends and customers to give with a simple, easy, and inexpensive donation option.

We want to help overcome diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cruelty to animals, and the challenges that wounded veterans face, just to name a few. And we’re starting with Diabetes. We think we can help a number of different charities. We only work with the organizations with the best reputations, so you can be confident your money is being put to good use.

100% of your donation gets deposited directly to the charity. And the best part is that your donation will count for double. RepairLabs will match every donation up to $100. Working together, we do have superpowers. You can be someone’s super hero--and remember to look through our charities’ pages to find a little super hero in all of them.

Join our hero program .... because everyone has a little super hero in them.


It’s real simple to donate. Once you have located your repair or product add it to your cart, and then proceed to the checkout page.

Simply click the “I want to donate” button right before your Order Summary. Choose the amount you want to give.

Remember RepairLabs will match up to $100 of each donation.

After you check out, you can learn more about each foundation or donate directly to them through the link on our Op:HERO page.

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Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation’s mission is to educate patients and seek out a cure for the disease through conducting and sponsoring research studies. They operate with a very low overhead, devoting 96% of every dollar to their programs. They have 20 years’ experience and have conducted over 260 studies to prevent, treat, and cure diabetes. We believe we can help them to find a cure in our lifetimes.

View more about Diabetes Action Research >

Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring about a day when there are No More Homeless Pets® by building no-kill programs and partnerships, helping animals find homes, and addressing problems at the very root of animal homelessness, Best Friends has become a leader in the animal welfare movement. But its heart and headquarters is still in the place where it all began, at the nation’s largest no-kill sanctuary for homeless pets in Kanab, Utah. This work is made possible by the grassroots support of people, partners and organizations who care about animals across the nation.

View more about Best Friends Animal Society >

Partnership at DrugFree

The Partnership at

Drugfree is an invaluable tool in dealing with loved ones addicted to drugs. Knowing that drugs come in all shapes and sizes these days, Drugfree brings to light as much information as they can to help you intervene in the life of a loved one, as well as how to help prevent drug addictions in the first place. With studies done by trusted professionals, you can rest assured that the information you are attaining from Drugfree is the best on the web.

View more about The Partnership at >

Love Without Boundaries

Love Without Boundaries

Love Without Boundaries is a foundation that started due to one set of adoptive parents mission to save the life of one little boy in China. Since then, the foundation has grown into one of the most well respected foundations when it comes to helping impoverished and orphaned children. They help these children in more ways than just feeding them or clothing them. They also offer education and foster care opportunities, help them with proper nutrition and get them the medical care they need for a proper life.

View more about Love Without Boundaries >

Canines For Disabled Kids

Canines For Disabled Kids

Canines for Disabled Kids offer a set of tools for you to utilize when dealing with a child with special needs. With a wide-range of services available to you, CDK can help you get on the right track to helping your child lead a fuller and more happy life, with the help of a service dog, specially trained in your child’s needs. CDK not only offers the help and knowledge needed to get the correct paperwork and forms filled out, but also a scholarship program to help offset the cost of a service dog for children 18 and under.

View more about Canines For Disabled Kids >

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Would you like to be a part of our Op:Hero program?
If you have a 501c3 with a website, you can ask to join our program.

Please email DJ at to
request consideration to become a partner charity with us.

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