How to Fix a PS3

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Playing Play Station 3 is undoubtedly fun, with a capital “F”. It is a great way to enjoy a little spare time with family and friends, or even alone! It is easy to fall in love with it, and no wonder – with its clear graphics details and sound effects that are a feast to the ears. Players often find themselves get carried away while playing, but when the worst thing happens – a sudden malfunction of your PS3 – the fun ends. But does the problem require a quick visit to the repair shop? Well, the answer is, “perhaps not”. Here are a few common problems and some steps on how to fix a PS3.

How to Fix a PS3

A Few Guides on How to Fix a PS3

1. The Yellow Light of Death

Various factors can cause the dreaded yellow light of death (YLOD), including overheating, dust build-up inside the system, hardware failure, or simply loose cables. When the YLOD appears while playing, first check if you have proper ventilation. Turn your PS3 off and let it cool for a while before resuming play.

Next thing to check are the cables. To make sure they are all properly inserted, first remove all the cables – yes all, including the A/V power cord and everything else you can remove – then put them back in, making sure they are secure. Then check if that solved the problem.

If the above steps did not work, try blasting the dusts out from your PS3 through some if its vents by getting a vacuum with a hose attachment to it. More often than not, dust build-up can cause your PS3 to malfunction, including the appearance of the yellow light of death.

2. The Flashing Red Light

Color-wise, the red light is a little more of a horror than the yellow one, but it can be caused by pretty much the same things as the yellow light of dead. Following the steps for getting rid of the yellow light of death can also work for the red light, if not, follow these steps:

Reboot your console. This is a universal fix-all to any digital device and would also work to clear out any malfunctioning in your Play Station 3. If not, there is another step on how to fix a PS3 If you have the skills and the materials, you can try removing your Play Station 3’s hard drive, and then put it back in. Sometimes, a little shaking (not literally) of the internal pieces of your PS3 can push it back to its proper functioning, and get your back in your game.

3. PS3 Error Code 80010514

This error flashes on your TV screen as a sign that there is something wrong with your PS3’s hard drive. Besides doing the above steps (fun, huh?) try to remove your PS3’s hard drive and, you guessed it, put it back in. However, in order for the error code to be completely cleared, this step may have to be repeated around three to four times!

How to Fix a PS3 – Get Professional Help

Guides (and even books) on how to fix a PS3 gives you a chance to fix the PS3 on your own, letting you save a few hundred bucks. However, when those fail you, bring your console to the nearest PS3 repair shop, and get it fixed by trained professionals, who can surely fix your PS3 in no time.

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