iPhone 3G Screen

The Sleek iPhone 3g Screen

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past three or four years, then you probably know about the iPhone 3g. This was the newest iPhone that Apple had released so far, until this summer, along with the heat, Apple brought the iPhone 4. I'm sure we will be hearing a lot of buzz about the new iPhone 4. All of the iPhones that have been launched have been recognizable for one part in particular. The sleek, black, shiny glass front touch screen. The iPhone 3g screen is no different the  previous model. There are a few minor changes to the cosmetics of the iPhone 3g Screen, but not enough of a change that would make you turn your head. No matter what the screen looks like though, the debate still arises many times on blogs, television and magazine articles: is the iphone 3g screen too delicate and thin? Or is that what makes the iPhone 3g screen so sleek and sharp looking?

No matter which way you agree on these debates, the inevitable still could happen to your iPhone 3g screen, no matter what kind of cell phone or smart phone you own. Screens break. Screens scratch. We all have been unlucky a time or two and dropped our phones at one time or another, sometimes we get lucky and it doesn't crack or break. The iPhone 3g screen has a thin layer of glass over the LCD screen, which most regular cell phones do not have. This is what makes the iPhone 3g screen so nice looking, unless you crack or bust it. Your iPhone 3g screen will be back to it's beautiful self within a day or two At www.repairlabs.com, they have every spare part you could possibly need if you want to replace the broken iPhone 3g screen at home as a DIY project, or they can also repair it for you at amazing comparable prices.

It does get very overwhelming when searching for different repair sites online, because there are so many, and it's hard to know where to begin. Just take a deep breath, and realize you have found what you are looking for. Try www.repairlabs.com first, and you won't have any trouble searching the Internet for hours. The technicians are licensed and trained especially for iPhone 3g screen issues, and any other Apple product that needs repaired. Hopefully this will be the last time you need your iPhone 3g screen repaired, but don't forget to check out all the accessories for your Apple products at www.repairlabs.com .


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Replacement iPhone Screen

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