iPhone 4

Apple's newest iPhone: The iPhone 4

Since the release of the hottest addition to the Apple iPhone family, the iPhone 4 has already received huge amounts of positive reviews from iPhone 4 users. Not only does the iPhone 4 look totally different than all of the iPhones that came before, the iPhone 4 has features that will amaze you, and keep you entertained for hours. Along with the new iPhone 4, you will want to accessorize your iPhone 4 with all of the coolest accessories available. At www.repairlabs.com, you can check out anything you might want or need, or find out the latest info about the iPhone 4.

One of the most talked about features the iPhone 4 can do is "video calling". On the iPhone 4 this feature is called "facetime". For years we have been dreaming of a phone where we could actually see who we where talking to. Facetime on the iPhone 4 is not an extra charge, nor do you need to create any user names or passwords. It is so very simple and ever so brilliant. If you want to use the facetime feature on the iPhone 4, you just simply choose the person you want to call from your contact list and call them. There is a facetime button on the iPhone 4, right on the screen, very easy to find- while you are on a phone call on the iPhone 4. After you hit the facetime button, the party you are talking to will receive a message asking if you would like to accept to use the feature or not. After this, you will be able to see each other for the entire conversation. The iPhone 4 also allows you to start facetime if you are already in the middle of a call. Facetime is just one of the many latest and greatest features the iPhone 4 has to offer. Don't forget to check out www.repairlabs.com for any questions about the iPhone 4 you might have.

Another iPhone 4 feature that no other cell phone has ever had, is a video mode in HD (high definition). The clarity of the videos taken from the iPhone 4 are unbelievably crystal clear. This allows you to have your iPhone 4 take the place of your video camera and digital camera, all in one awesome device. Apple says the key to the great clarity of the HD video mode on the iPhone 4, is the backside illumination sensor that delivers brilliant footage in dark or light settings. Www.repairlabs.com will have all of your extra accessories that you might need for your iPhone 4, so don't forget to check them out!


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