About Taylor Huddelston

Senior Repair Technician

Taylor has always been into electronics, but believe it or not, he learned phone repair on the job, and is now the Senior Repair Technician and parts buyer for Fix-iPhones. He was born in Dallas, TX and graduated Wylie High School in 2007. A Sony Handycam was the hardest repair he's ever done, because of the many components. "Logic boards also take time and precision," he says. Dream Superpower: Infra- thermal eyes, you can see heat; he'd go around seeing at night, righting wrongs and doling out justice to evildoers. If he could switch lives with anyone for a week, he'd trade with Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, who made his fortune by selling Broadcast.com for $5 billion in Yahoo stock. Shark Tank, starring Mark Cuban is his favorite TV show. He feels he would rank a 12 on the 1-10 Weird Scale and Chris Farley would play him in the ideal movie of his life. If he won $20 Million in the lottery, he would by an off-road RV and travel all over, South America, first stop.

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