Exclusive Images of iPhone 5, High-Definition

RepairLabs  has done it again: we’re bringing  you new exclusive images. From the folks responsible for bringing you the latest in iPhone secret photos, we’ve gotten new images. We have just received EXCLUSIVE high-definition images of the soon-to-be-released iPhone 5 front glass assembly.  So what about the changes? Let’s talk about them!

Conclusions we can draw from these exclusive images

With these photos we can confirm:

  • Apple has redone the whole front Digitizer and LCD Assembly of the device. We see 3 flex cables. The first seems to be the proximity ear speaker, and the front camera. The last two probably LCD and Digitizer.
  • The ratio suggests that it is indeed the long-rumored bigger screen.
  • The camera is in the front middle of the ear speaker, not  on the side  of the ear speaker anymore.
  • It looks like it has a black ear speaker mesh right now.
  • We can also see the home button is going to have more support; it’s backed by a metal bracket. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be supported anymore by prongs or a push cable. It may actually be a combination of both.
  • It looks like it has a plastic 3GS-type midframe running around the digitizer and glass LCD assembly.
  • The metal brackets suggest that it will be sitting into a housing, similar to a 3GS, but more updated and modern.
  • From the width of the bracket, we can tell the charger port is indeed going to be smaller because it has to fit between the two silver bottom screw brackets, just like a 3GS.
  • These pictures suggest that  the LCD may pull apart from the Digitizer, given the rivets on the sides. (This is similar again to the 3GS, but a departure from the 4 and 4S.)
  • We notice a striking similarity to a 3GS, with the bottom screws and brackets. We think it’s going to pull open from the front.

So, could this be the iPhone 5 real deal? We think so, and we believe these exclusive photos prove a lot of what the tech world has been suspecting all along in regards to the new iPhone 5. Could Apple be going back to the old faithful model of the iPhone 3Gs? It looks probable.  From the leader in  iPhone repair services, exclusive images of the iPhone 5, and Apple hardware components, remember you heard it here first. Check out www.fix-iPhones.com for a full list of all of our services and our great blog, and new exclusive images.

New iPad 3 Teardown – Overheating?

The new iPad has only been out for a few days, and already RepairLabs and others have heard the rumors that it has been overheating.  Not content with the various thermal imaging reports that shows the heat difference, our techs decided to take the new iPad 3 apart and see if we could pinpoint what part of the iPad is heating up.

We started off our very scientific experiment by turning on both an iPad 2 and the new iPad and setting them to play movies on Netflix.  We took an initial temperature reading of the back of the iPads while they played their respective shows – the iPad 2 ran at 24° C (75° F) and the new iPad 3 ran at 27° C (80° F).  That’s roughly a 5° difference within minutes of booting up the two devices and starting their programs.

At the end of 35-40 minutes of continuous play, the new temperature readings were as follows: iPad 2 holding strong at 25-26° C; iPad 3 shot up to 32-33° C.  That’s around 90° F for the iPad 3 after just a few minutes of video use.

Since the technicians wanted to get to the root of the problem, we cracked open both iPads and took readings of various components.  After several readings, we determined it was the new A5X quad-core processor that was putting out so much heat.  You can see the measuring in the video below.  Our basic findings showed us that the presumably ceramic A5 chip in the iPad 2 runs around 27° C, whereas the new iPad 3 A5X processor was running at 36° C.  In Fahrenheit, the iPad 3 A5X runs 17° hotter than the processor in the iPad 2.  As explained in the video, the chips are made of different materials; we believe the A5 is ceramic, where the A5X is obviously metallic.

We were not able to replicate the same temperatures that Consumer Reports were getting (up to 116° F), but just holding the new iPad 3 could be noticeably warmer after only a few minutes use, especially if you are holding it right where that A5X sits.


For those curious, we tested the battery and retina and found while they were warmer than their equivalents on the iPad 2, it was only that A5X chip that was putting out that much of a heat difference.  Keep in mind that the internal temperature was 17° warmer, whereas the back of your housing is only 10° warmer at most.  That means the aluminum housing and a special rubber thermal gasket cut down the heat that makes it to your hand by 7° F.

RUMORS – iPhone 5 to Debut in Fall?

This week RepairLabshas access to two exclusive iPhone 5 rumors, and as your favorite iPhone repair company, we’re bringing them to you.

An inside source at Texas Instruments tells us that they have begun production on the iPhone 5 power management chip.  We can also confirm that management inside Texas Instruments is calling the next phone the iPhone 5.  Previously when production began on the Apple iPhone’s chips at TI, the phone debuted just a few months later.  This fits in with our next rumor.

From the same Chinese source that brought us the accurate pictures of the new iPad back housing and new iPad glass, comes the latest rumor that the iPhone 5 will debut in September.  According to our source, they have also been told that the screen will indeed be larger than the current 3.5 inch model.  Whether it will be as large as the 4.6 inch rumors we have yet to confirm.

While we can confirm the production of the power management chips, which means a new iPhone is imminent, bear in mind that the September release date and screen size are rumors.  However, our source has proven extremely reliable in the past.

Phone Etiquette World Wide (Infographic)

INFOGRAPHIC Cell Phone Etiquette World Wide

Phone Etiquette World Wide

What is proper phone etiquette? We all Know what the common

A rules of using a phone are in America, such as don‘t talk loudly in
public, answer your phone during an important meeting or’ interview, and always set your phone to silent while out, such as at the moves, a restaurant or a play.

With that said, we here at RepalrLabs were curious what the rules of using the phone are in other countries. Just like being aware of their customs and beliefs, it also makes sense that we should be aware of the proper greetings and some of the common forms of phone etiquette in their country.