The History of Sony’s Gaming Console – “Playstation” [Infographic]

When most people think about the words “console gaming”, one of the things that come into mind is the Sony Playstation. Ever since this platform was introduced back in 1994, the world of home entertainment has never been the same. From friend, families, rivals, to (former) kids fawing over Final Fantasy 7’s Tifa Lockheart, many people bonded with their loved ones over this gaming rig.

The Playstation had some remarkable evolution: from it’s bulky, rectangular shaped console to the slick and handheld PS Vita. Sony had some ups and downs over every console, but nonetheless the PS still reigned supreme for many years. If you are curious (and I know you are) on how this God-given console evolved, then check out this infographic below:

(Infographic) The Evolution of Sony’s Game Consoles
(Infographic) The Evolution of Sony’s Game Consoles

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