The Apple iWatch: Learning Cool from The Fresh Prince?


The new iWatch should have a continuous wrap-around display and work like a snap bracelet.

The Internets have been abuzz recently with chatter of a possible Apple iWatch.  Misleading pictures abound of a wristwatch-like monstrosity resembling an all-screen iPod Nano attached to a velco strap. Sometimes, for fun, artists portray this as a round traditional wristwatch with iOS apps. However, here at RepairLabs, we think Apple has something much, much cooler in store for us.

We’re talking early 90s cool. Perhaps you’ve seen the patent filing from Apple as reported by PatentlyApple, where the iWatch will work just like a snap bracelet.  That’s right, the era that brought us Ace of Base and Right Said Fred just keeps on giving.  And Apple has adopted one of the coolest trends of the early 90s: the snap bracelet. We’ve created our own rendering of the awesome cool that, if we’re good, will descend on us like so many Pogs. (Remember those?)

Based on the patent filing, here’s what we think the new iWatch will feature.

  • The device will have a bi-stable spring, meaning just like the snap bracelet, it will live in two states: rigid flat, and curved (to fit a wrist). It will bend and flex just like a snap bracelet. It will utilize flexible glass to make this work.
  • The screen will be a continuous display, circular. (This is trickier than it seems at first glance. How will Apple know the size of an individual’s wrist? We think the device will have a male and female end with a sensor that detects the amount of overlap.)

Here’s a list of our best guesses for the features of the iWatch:

  • The iWatch won’t charge the traditional way. It just doesn’t make sense for the device to have something as unwieldy as a charging port with all of the recent technological advances. The watch could charge from kinetic energy (your own motion), or may have the new solar touch panel charge that Apple has recently received a patent on.  Or it could charge remotely with a plate or mat that could be put anywhere around your house.
  • The LCD screen will have the touch feature.
  • The device will likely will have no buttons, but would be awakened by the onboard gyrometer. The gyrometer will also be able to tell witch way your hand is facing so it will always show a correct display – even at weird angles.
  • The iWatch will connect to your iPhone iPod or iPad via Bluetooth. It will feature two-way transmission.

The 90s gave us lots of cultural and technological gifts (the Internet itself, anybody? The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?) It’s fitting we should borrow from those awesome concepts to create more awesome. So until the iWatch finally comes out, we’ll be digging out our old snap bracelets and pretending that they’re touch screen wonders of a future day. And slapping them on unsuspecting coworkers.

iWatch Diagram
iWatch Diagram

Based on patent filings, this is how we assume the sizing mechanism and continuous screen will work.

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