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What the $%&!!! Is GDDR5 for PlayStation 4?

Check of the difference between the two renderings. Notice how much more detail the GDDR5 provides. Original image from

As we RepairLabs geeks were snooping around and stalking the PlayStation website, we stumbled on a rather interesting tidbit of information, which may have massive consequences for the newest version of the PlayStation, the PS4.  Among many upgrades and changes since the release of the PS3, we noticed the addition of “GDDR5 8GB” in the Memory Specs.

What is GDDR5?

GDDR stands for Graphics Double Data Rate, a type of high-performance graphics card memory. This has 32 times the amount of GDDR (graphics capacity) as the PS3, which weighs in with 256 MB GDDR3.  GDDR5 performs at 8-bit wide data buffer that will allow for 20% more processing capabilities compared to GDDR3.

So? Let’s put this in perspective:

Alienware Aurora is considered one of the best computers on the market right now for gaming; many designate it as the industry standard for computing–and it only has 4GB of GDDR5. The PlayStation 4 will have double that amount. This means that the PlayStation will be able to process double the memory as the current top-notch gaming computer on the market.

GDDR5 will be able to process such graphics like no other RAM out on the market today. If you haven’t seen the image on the PS4 of the blue balls dropping in check it out here, at 10 seconds in, to get an idea of the massive processing capacity required to animate each ball individually. Most power does come from the onboard GPU made by AMD. The GPU makes the balls, and the RAM  (or GDDR5) makes them move. So let’s put that in perspective: if one of those balls is 1MB then that means the PS4 at the same time can process 8000 Blue balls at the same time. Insane. Take a sec and think about that. In the “World of Mario” we were used to having only 1 or 2 flame balls at a time shooting at us.

And the GDDR5 8GB is advanced. Like years ahead of its time. (Remember, the PS3 has stayed relevant and useful for 8 years now. That’s millennia in tech years.) It is safe to say that you won’t be able to go to Best Buy and buy a computer with that amount of memory for a couple of years. The reason for this is because there is no need for that amount of memory–unless you’re gonna have some crazy processes to perform, such as the games that will be released in a few years.  The PS3 has been around since 2006—and that console provided around 8 to 9 years of solid performance. This newest version has to be similarly 8-9 years advanced to provide an equivalent experience.

So, what GDDR5 means to the 3D world?

GDDR5 will enhance 3D appearance on games and will enable even more complex functionalities to evolve as graphics evolve. The 3D experience right now with PS3 is very minimal and doesn’t look 3D, like movies and other 3D  interfaces out there. But now with the 8GB of GDDR5 Ps4 will have much better details, allowing for a terrific 3D experience unlike anything else yet to be seen. No games on the market right now can even come close to touching the memory capabilities of GDDR5.

All of this indicates that we are in for gaming and technological advances beyond our wildest dreams. Anything a graphic artist can imagine can be rendered digitally, and beautifully, at a level of detail never previously imagined. The GDDR5 is just one aspect of the new PlayStation gaming console, but it could be the game changer.

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