Easily Restore Missing Desktop Icons in Windows 10

Windows 10 has been a great operating system for all these years. It has overcome lots of bugs and malfunctioning that we used to encounter in older operating systems. Hence Windows 10 has been improved majorly, but that is not the case every time, this OS also makes us face some issues that seem unsolvable and icons disappeared from the desktop is one of them.

If you are on this page, it seems like you are also experiencing desktop not showing the issue. This time, you do have to be worried because I have come up with some fantastic solutions that will surely get you back the icons and you can continue experiencing the amazing user experience of Windows 10.

What Are The Reasons Behind Desktop Icons Have Disappeared Issue?

Well, it is not the case of bugs or viruses, but you unknowingly have tweaked the settings of your computers in a way that you are unable to see those icons on the desktop like recycle bin missing.

So what we have to do is undo those changes that you made accidentally. One popular reason may be the screen mode as Windows 10 offers Desktop and Tablet mode and you may have entered the tablet mode. So the reason can be any but here we start with the solutions.

How to Fix Desktop Icons are Missing on Windows 10?

#1 Try the Option Show Desktop Icons

It is for the users who are not seeing even one single of their icons. This means you have disabled the visibility of the icons and now you need to enable it. So follow these quick steps and get your icons back:

  • Go to your desktop and on the screen right click anywhere
  • Here, go to View that is the first option in that list of options
  • Once you click View, it will show you some other options and there make sure you check Show desktop icons

make sure you check Show desktop icons

That is it, you are done. If this method didn’t solve anything then head to next ones.

#2 Use Cortana to Make the Icons Visible

This time we need to go a bit deep and that means we make use of Cortana. It is pretty simple, just go with the flow:

Desktop icon settings windows 10

  • Once you are on the desktop, go to search window of your PC and type Settings
  • Now you will see Settings, just click it and then go to Personalization
  • In the next window you will see Themes tab so just click it
  • When you click it you see an option Desktop icon settings on the right side that you need to click too
  • Now it will show you a new window where you can check the icons that you want on your desktops and click Apply to save changes.

#3 Disabling the Tablet Mode

Now as I mentioned you earlier in the description that sometimes user enter the tablet mode and this makes the icons disappear. So here I’ll show you the steps to turn off the tablet mode and enter the PC mode again. Steps:

Disabling the Tablet Mode

  • Go to Settings again and there click on System settings
  • In the new window, take your mouse to the left panel and click on Tablet mode
  • Next, look for the option Turn off and click it
  • Save the changes and now you are in PC mode that will make the icons visible.

#4 Focus On Icon Cache to Rebuild It

Here you will get to know that hoe you can delete the icon cache so it can take a fresh start and this makes the icons visible.

  • First, go to the search section of your computer and type ‘file explorer.’
  • Open it once you see it and in the window of File Explorer go to View
  • There select an option saying Hidden Items
  • Once you check it, all the hidden files and folders will be visible

Make Sure Hidden Items are Shown

  • Now follow this path: C:\Users\(User Name)\AppData\Local and scroll down until you find IconCache.db
  • Once you find it you need to delete it permanently by pressing shift and delete or just delete it normally
  • Now go to Recycle bin and delete it from there too
  • Restart your machine and now you will notice that the folder IconCache.db is much smaller and hence you get the solutions on how to easily restore missing desktop icons.

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