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Fix Chrome Err_Quic_Protocol_Error [Solved]

Google chrome undoubtedly is the best web browser because of its compatibility with several add-ons and other unique features. But, with it issues come too and err_quic_protocol_error is one of them. Any particular URL takes you to this type of message, and you feel unable to access the page. The error occurs while you try some particular websites like YouTube and Gmail mostly and it makes the experience frustrating by keeping you from visiting the website.


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The reason behind the error is the speedy protocol or QUICK protocol that enables the users to speed up the browsing experience. But it doesn’t mean that it is entirely secure from the bugs and as a result you get the message ‘this site cannot be reached chrome.’ so here I’ll talk about three possible solutions to repair google chrome for this issue that you can try and avoid getting these glitches.

#1 Disable Experimental QUIC protocol

  • To do this, open chrome web browser.
  • In the space where you put the URL, type: chrome://flags/ and press Enter.

chrome flags

  • There on the page, you will say a warning ‘WARNING: EXPERIMENTAL FEATURES AHEAD!’
  • Do not panic and just press Ctrl + F and in the box type ‘Experimental QUIC protocol.’
  • It will find you the protocol quickly, so you don’t need to scroll all the way down.
  • Here, from the box select the option ‘Disabled’ and you are done.
  • Reset your browser and try to revisit the website.


#2 Check For The Windows Firewall

Sometimes your windows firewall doesn’t allow the websites to be accessible. So it’s better to disable the firewall for a few minutes and then recheck the website. Just follow these steps:

  • Open up Control Panel and there search ‘Firewall’ or you can go to System and security and select Firewall.
  • Here in the left panel, click ‘Turn windows firewall on or off.’
  • Put it turn off in both sections public and private network settings.

Turn windows firewall off on

  • As the last step, check the URL if the message ‘this site cannot be reached chrome’ still exists or not.


#3 Try With Disabled Web Browser Add-Ons

Add-ons can also be the reason to take you to the error message. So try disabling them all and reopen the webpage.

  • Open up the browser and go to the menu by clicking three dots symbol in the upper right corner and select More tools.
  • Now go to Extensions that will open up a new page in the browser.
  • Here uncheck the Enabled box of every single extension so they can be put to sleep.
  • Lastly, you can try accessing that web page again.

go to extensions in chrome

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I hope you will get rid of the issue ‘err_quic_protocol_error’ after trying these methods. As an additional thing, you can perform a full system scan if you think that any program made it happen. If you can think of any other method, then you are free to comment here.

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