How to Access iPad File System via SSH on Windows Mac

Secure Shell more generally known as SHS  is a network protocol that allows you to establish a remote connection between two or more hosts. This protocol allow us to access the file system of the iPad Touch once you ran the Jailbreak. We may, thus, transfer files and content at will, in any folder. once you’ve got ssh installed on your iPad and active, you can access your iPad from a shell on your Mac or with third party programs.

Requirements :

  • An iPad WiFi or iPad 3G Jailbroken, if you aren’t,  Follow our guide  to Jailbreak iPad 3.2 with Spirit
  • A WiFi network. Your iPad and computer must be connected to the same wireless network.
  • OpenSSH installed on the device, can be found through Cydia
  • A third party program to connect your device: For Windows use WinSCP, Mac users can go for Cyberduck

Instructions :

  • Note of your iPad IP address from Settings > WiFi and tap on the blue arrow to the right of the name of your home network.  In the next screen, you can find the IP Address of your network.
  • Now Launch your SSH program WinSCP or Cyberduck. WinSCP will redirect you to a new ‘Session’ screen while in Cyberduck, you’ll need to choose ‘Open New Connection’. In the next screen, you need to fill the following information

 Launch your SSH program WinSCP

Hostname or Server = Type your iPhone’s IP address in this field
Username = Type ‘root’ (without the quotes) in this field
Password = Type ‘alpine’ in this field (without the quotes) or whatever you have

File Protocol = Should be SCP on WinSCP and SFTP on Cyberduck

  • Fill the information and hit the login button and you will see a confirmation message asking if you will accept key exchange/connection with the device with the iPad address.Voila, you are done, now you gain the full access of your iPad file system.

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