Fix Memory Management Error 0x0000001a on Windows 10

Memory Management error 0x0000001A on Windows 10 occurs when windows detect a malfunction in the system drivers or memory which causes the windows to crash and displays an error message or code. This indicates that the windows have a severe or serious issue that requires immediate attention.

Primarily, the memory management error 0x0000001A on Windows 10 is caused by a malfunctioned or hardware issue, corrupted, outdated device drivers. This error occurs especially while updating windows 10 and the system files, device drivers corrupt causing Memory Management Error.

Memory Management Error 0x0000001a on Windows 10

The check value of 0x0000001A in Memory Management is an indicator that a severe memory error that has occurred.

Systematic guide to Fix Memory Management error 0x0000001A on Windows 10

01. Run Antivirus malware scan

Deep scan your computer for all known malware and virus and make sure to use one of the popular antivirus software. In case the cause of the memory management error is the presence of malware or antivirus it can be resolved through, removing all virus and malware detected from the system. Additionally, you can try to boot your computer in safe mode and run the antivirus software to scan all potential threats. 

02. Update device drivers

Conduct a background check with windows update to see if there is any pending update that relates to Device Drivers and needs to be updated. In case there are pending updates, you can install them from OEMs website if necessary.

03. Test RAM

Memory Management Error 0x0000001a on Windows 10

Since the error indicates a memory issue, you can run a windows memory diagnostics tool to try and figure out if your pcs RAM module is corrupted.

If you find that your RAM is corrupted, you will have to purchase a new one, or in worst cases, you can change your motherboard.

You can also check Advanced Memory Diagnostics on windows with Memtest86+

04. Clean Up System Files and Temporary Files

Memory Management Error 0x0000001a on Windows 10

Windows especially 10 comes with the Storage Sense features that enable automatic cleanup of all temporary file, but it can also be done manually.

If you decide to clean the files manually makes sure to check essential folders for instance downloads where downloaded files are stored. This helps in preventing the deletion of important or crucial files.

05. Run DISM Tool

DISM stands for Deployment Imaging and Servicing Management. When you run this tool, it repairs Windows System Image and windows component store in windows 10.  Through this, all system corrupted files and inconsistencies are fixed. Either PowerShell or command prompt can be used to execute this command.

06. Run System File Checker

Run the command below to check system files

Memory Management Error 0x0000001a on Windows 10

By executing this command, damaged or corrupted files will be repaired. However, to ensure the effectiveness of this command, you will need to run it from a command prompt that is launched with admin privileges, i.e. elevated CMD 

07. Repair Hard Disk Errors

In cases of hard drive errors, windows update will fail since the system will think that is not safe or unhealthy to update. In such cases, you should run chkdsk in the command prompt to resolve the issues as illustrated below.

Memory Management Error 0x0000001a on Windows 10

If this solution does not resolve the problem, you may be required to change your hard drive. When changing the hard drive make sure to back up all your crucial data on the Windows 10 PC. The replaced hard drive can be used as a secondary drive.

08. Use System Restore

If you find things are getting more complicated after trying out all the above steps, it is always advisable to restore your PC to the last or previous known good working state.

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