iPhone 5s Screen Replacement Kit


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  1. Original iPhone 5S LCD Screen + Touch Screen Assembly
  2. Tools kit
  3. 180-day warranty
  4. Free shipping

The iPhone 5s screen replacement kit contains all of the items needed to quickly replace a broken, chipped, cracked, or damaged screen at your convenience. DIY screen replacement saves a ton of money and time versus the costs of a professional screen repair. Sold in both black and white, this 5s digitizer touch screen replacement makes iPhone repair simple.

We Stand Behind Our Products

Each LCD screen we sell is 100% tested and inspected and proven to be strong and durable. All screens exceed quality standards set forth by Apple. We include a free, 180-day warranty with your screen purchase. If the glass breaks, cracks, or is damaged in any other way, we’ll replace it for you at no cost. Our glass is one of the strongest on the market and we’re confident that it will protect your phone and provide the quality iPhone 5s that you want.

What iPhone 5s Screen Replacement Kit includes?

  1. Original iPhone 5S LCD Screen + Touch Screen Assembly
  2. Tools kit
  3. 180-day warranty
  4. Free shipping

Everything That You Need to Repair Your iPhone 5s

What about tools you ask? When you buy our iPhone 5a screen replacement kit, all of the tools needed to repair the front panel of the screen is included. Just open the package, sort your supplies, read the instructions and begin making your iPhone 5s phone repair. With our easy-to-use kit, you’ll feel like an iPhone 5a repair pro!

A Fast Repair

Never before repaired an iPhone screen? Don’t worry. Many of our customers are making their first screen repair using our kit as well. It’s an easy-to-use screen that anyone can replace, even people without any prior skills or experience. This is one of the easiest repairs you will ever make! On average, it takes only about 30-minutes to repair your phone using our repair kit.

Repairs Make Sense

It’s not cheap to buy an iPhone, but many people find that it is pretty easy to crack or break the screen. Replacing the phone is expensive, especially if you break the phone more than once. However, you can avoid the expense and hassle by repairing the screen. When you DIY, you also avoid screen repair costs which can be a nice chunk of change.

Why Buy Our iPhone 5a Repair Kit?

We’re one of many companies selling iPhone screen repair kits, but pride ourselves on being one of the best around. Not only do we stand behind our product with a long, 180-day warranty, we also ship your repair kit at no additional charge. If there is one thing that we enjoy, it is giving our customers a great deal. Our free shipping offer is just one of the many ways we do this. Our iPhone 5s screen replacement kit contains quality glass and tools that get the job done. And, we focus on customer service so if you ever have questions, concerns, or even a complaint, we’re there to listen.

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