iPhone 6 Plus Screen Replacement Kit


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iPhone 6 Plus Screen Replacement


The iPhone 6 Plus screen replacement kit allows you to repair your iPhone 6 Plus without paying outrageous prices at a repair shop or fees related to shipping or being out of warranty to Apple.

Available in black or white to ensure that your iPhone 6 Plus maintains its original look, this screen replacement comes with a digitizer for maximum ease and efficiency when swapping out your damaged screen. Even novices can successfully repair their iPhone 6 Plus with ease and patience with this kit.

Many companies on competitor sites claim to sell authentic iPhone 6 Plus screen replacement kits at affordable prices. However, the truth is that these companies are often selling replicas made with parts that have not been tested properly. The installation of genuine Apple parts is essential when doing replacement procedures. Replica parts have a high risk of failing sooner than an authentic part would, leading to additional issues. For this reason, we sell authentic Apple iPhone 6 Plus LCD screens made with highly resistant gorilla glass with our kits to guarantee that you will have a replacement that is hassle-free and of the highest quality.

Purchasing tools that do not accommodate your iPhone 6 Plus properly can result in additional problems and damage as you are replacing the screen. Our high-quality tools are made to properly interact with your phone. These include:

•1x Suction Tool
•1x Opening Tool
•1x Triangular Pick
•3x Miniature Screwdrivers
•1x 3M Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

It is unsafe to pull the glass panel off of your iPhone 6 Plus screen with your hands. This can result in accidentally breaking the glass. For this reason, we have added a suction tool to the kit in order to pull the screen up safely.

An opening tool is included within the kit. This is capable of prying open the sides and corners of the iPhone 6 Plus screen without causing damage.

iPhone screens have a particularly tough glue attached to them. In order to safely and firmly pull the screen from the unit, we have provided you with a triangular pick.

3M double-sided adhesive tape allows you to secure your iPhone 6 Plus screen to the front panel. This ensures that the screen is held on firmly.

The kit comes with precision screwdrivers. It is important to have these to avoid stripping screws, which would make it nearly impossible to get the screws out without causing damage to the phone. The precision screwdrivers that we send you are a phillips head screwdriver, a 5-star point screwdriver, and a flathead screwdriver.

We have tested our LCD screens and made sure that they uphold Apple’s standards. This means that you do not have to worry about faulty screens when you use our products, as they are made with authentic parts and the consumer in mind.

The iPhone 6 Plus Screen Replacement Kit comes with:

  1. Original iPhone 6 Plus LCD Screen + Touch Screen Assembly
  2. Tools kit
  3. 180-day warranty
  4. Free shipping
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