iPhone 6 Screen Replacement Kit


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  • A 100% authentic iPhone 6 screen and digitizer (No home button included)
  • An iPhone 6 Screen Replacement tool kit
  • Free shipping
  • A warranty lasting up to 180 days
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee

It’s hard to imagine living without your iPhone. It holds everything that’s important in your life, from your favorite photos, games, apps and contacts. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of being powerless. When your phone’s screen cracked, it’s almost impossible to function. Don’t spend big bucks on a new phone. Just get an iPhone 6 Screen Replacement kit. Check out the following tips and tricks to replace your iPhone screen today, and get back on track.

Using an iPhone 6 Screen Replacement kit will save you a lot of headaches and money. We specialize in helping people get the right equipment, and we offer a warranty that lasts up to 180 days. When you pick up one of our screen replacement kits, you can be confident that you’re working with one of the top iPhone replacement suppliers in the industry. We have the knowledge and tool kits to help you out of every jam.

Our iPhone 6 Screen Replacement kit comes with all these things:

  • A 100% authentic iPhone 6 screen and digitizer (No home button included)
  • An iPhone 6 Screen Replacement tool kit
  • Free shipping
  • A warranty lasting up to 180 days
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee

We are a store that specializes in phone screen replacement kits. You have to use the specific equipment that’s needed for iPhones, because otherwise, you risking breaking your phone. Don’t mess around with something when the stakes are so high. Be sure to purchase your replacement kits only from a top-tier company like us.

Once you receive our screen replacement kit, use the following steps to fix your iPhone screen. Check out this screen replacement tutorial to review the steps before you start.

Steps and Tips for iPhone 6 Screen Replacement Kit

It’s crucial that you stay organized and follow the instructions step by step. Keep track of the screws from your iPhone — and keep the screws in the right order as you remove them.

The screws are all different sizes and they are not interchangeable. Line them up on a piece of paper and remember the order, so you can replace them correctly to reassemble the phone.

1. Run your battery down. Make sure your battery is at 25% charge or less. Remove the 2 screws that are on either side of the lightning charger connection.

2. Use clear tape and tape the cracked screen all over. That will stop it from spreading glass shards everywhere. Using a suction cup or duct tape, carefully pull the back of your phone away from the front piece. You have to use the plastic opening tool that looks like a small, flat screwdriver to pull the 2 pieces apart.

3. Once you’ve opened up the phone, keep the 2 pieces at a ninety-degree angle by propping it up. Use a rubber band to hold the iPhone pieces together while you work.

4. Remove the battery connector screws; there should be 2 of them. Be careful that you’re only loosening the battery connector and not the logic board socket.

5. Now, remove all 5 screws that are holding the front panel bracket. You need to use something thin, like a spudger or your fingernail to disconnect the following:

• Front-facing camera
• Sensor cable
• Home button cable
• Display data cable connector
• Digitizer cable connector

6. Remove the 2 Phillips screws that hold the home button bracket into place. You’ll have to warm up the adhesive around your home button using a hairdryer. Be careful that you do NOT push your home button through, but just pry it free using your spudger that’s included in our kit.

7. Remove the home button cable from the front panel. Clean up any small glass shards that you find. Now you’re ready to install your replacement screen by reconnecting the cables and screws in reverse order.

8. That’s it, and you should have a new iPhone screen that’s ready to go!

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