iPhone 7 Screen Replacement Kit


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  1. Original iPhone 7 LCD Screen + Touch Screen Assembly
  2. Tools kit
  3. 180-day warranty
  4. Free shipping

Using a phone with a damaged screen is definitely hard to deal with. It’s not always safe to entrust your phone to a technician and it might not be as cheap as you hope. Plus, it can also be tricky to try to do the replacement by yourself especially if you are not used to using repair tools.

The good news is, this iPhone 7 screen replacement kit is user-friendly even for beginners and it also has everything you need!

iPhone 7 Screen Replacement Kit includes:

  1. A High-Quality and 100% Authentic iPhone 7 Screen and Digitizer: This durable product is sure to last for a long time! It has passed the manufacturer’s quality control procedures, ensuring that it will give you a satisfying experience. It looks the same as the original and people would not even notice that it is a replacement. Get ready to use your iPhone 7 like it is brand new. The home button is not included in the kit as it is not part of the screen.
  2. iPhone 7 Screen Replacement Tool Kit: This complete set of tools has everything you will need for the whole replacement process. It is designed to be user-friendly and even those without any knowledge in repairing devices can easily figure it out using the step-by-step guide below.
  3. Free Shipping: No need for paying extra for shipping. We got that covered!
  4. Warranty for 180 Days: We offer an excellent client support service and we attend to warranty concerns immediately,

Why Choose Us

We have sold thousands of screen replacement kits which makes us an experienced supplier of this product. We make sure we sell only the most reliable and authentic kits. Our happy customers will attest to their satisfaction on our products as well as our after-sales support.

Step-by-step guide on replacing your iPhone 7 screen replacement kit:

Step 1: Ensure that your phone’s battery is below 25% and then turn it off. Unscrews the 3.4 mm pentalobes at the lower portion of the iPhone.
Step 2: To prevent further breakage of the glass, lay overlapping strips of adhesive tape on the phone screen until the whole display is covered.
Step 3: Heat the lower portion of the phone using a hairdryer for about 90 seconds to soften the adhesive and remove the front panel easily.
Step 4: Attach the suction cup button at the top of the home button. Pull it to create a gap and place the opening pick in between. Slide the opening pick on either sides to break the adhesive. You can also use a flat spudger for this. Disengage the clips and the flip the entire front panel to the left.
Step 5: Remove the four-piece tri-point Y000 screws that secure the connector bracket at the lower portion of the phone. Detach this bracket as well.
Step 6: Remove battery connector out of its socket by using a spudger. Using the same tool, separate the two lower display connectors.
Step 7: Unscrew the two 1.3mm Philip screws that lock the bracket on top of the front panel sensor connector. Gently remove the bracket and disconnect it from its socket.
Step 8: Detach the display assembly.
Step 9: Unscrew the four Y000 screws that lock the bracket near the home button: One 1.1mm screw and the 1.3 mm screws.
Step 10: Disconnect the home button sensor assembly cable by prying the left edge. Remove the home button sensor assembly by pulling it. Reinstall by feeding the cables through the hole.
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