iPhone SE Screen Replacement Kit


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  1. Original iPhone SE LCD Screen + Touch Screen Assembly
  2. Tools kit
  3. 180-day warranty
  4. Free shipping

Replacing an iPhone SE screen can be timely as well as costly, especially if it must be sent to the manufacturer or a third-party phone repair shop. This no longer must be the case with our iPhone SE Screen Replacement Kit.

Our replacement kits are available in black and white in order to make sure that your phone has the same color and finish that you purchased it with.

The iPhone SE Screen Replacement Kit comes with a digitizer. Why would that be needed if only the screen is damaged? More often than not, when an iPhone screen breaks, the digitizer also receives minor or major damage. As time goes on, this damage can get worse, affecting the quality of LED images and even completely ceasing to show images at all. In addition, separating the digitizer from a damaged screen and attempting to assemble it with a new screen is time-consuming and often difficult for novices looking to fix their own phones. We have taken care of the work for you by endowing our kit with a functioning digitizer so that your project will be hassle-free.

When browsing the sites of competitors, you may find deals that are equal in value or even cheaper than our own. While these may seem lucrative, the truth is that there is a danger of buying from distributors who are selling replica iPhone SE Screen Replacement Kits to those under the impression that they will be receiving a genuine screen. Proceed with caution: these disingenuous kits have the potential to cause more problems than relief due to their low-quality nature. Our site distributes authentic iPhone screens that have been properly tested and confirmed to meet Apple’s standards at affordable prices.

Finding the proper tools to replace an iPhone screen requires thorough research. Buying tools that do not fit the phone’s screws or exert unneeded force can result in breaking an iPhone or stripping the screws beyond repair. For this reason, we have done the research for you and assembled a set of tools that will make your repair a stress-free experience. Our iPhone SE Screen Replacement Kits include a range of tools, including:

• A suction tool that is made for latching on to the screen and removing it from your iPhone SE without causing any scratching or breakage
• Prying and opening tools to pry under the screen at various angles and lift them up with an adequate amount of force
• Triangle picks for when a bit of additional force is needed. These picks are also great for keeping parts of the screen up and preventing them from snapping back into place when your hands are busy doing something else.
• A set of small screwdrivers designed to properly fit into the iPhone SE’s screws and undo them without the worry of stripping them and causing additional damage.

iPhone SE Screen Replacement Kit

• A 100% authentic iPhone SE screen and digitizer, available in black or white
• iPhone SE tool kit
• Free shipping
• A warranty lasting up to 180 days

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