iPhone X Screen Replacement Kit


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  1. Original iPhone X LCD Screen + Touch Screen Assembly
  2. Tools kit
  3. 180-day warranty
  4. Free shipping

Nothing is more painful than breaking the screen of that dream iPhone X that you wanted to have. If this happens, the biggest problem that the buyer meets is to get the best and original iPhone X screen replacement kit. Reliable replacement service for the iPhone is also a big hustle. However, we got you covered.

What is Included in the iPhone X Screen Replacement Kit?

iPhone X Screen Replacement Kit contains several components that are used in carrying out a successful replacement of your iPhone x screen. They include the following;

1. A 100% Authentic iPhone X Screen and Digitizer

It is the replacement screen that will be fitted on the iPhone. It is a panel glass digitizer display for the iPhone that does not have a home button. It is a 100% original screen that will reinstate the functioning of the iPhone. It has a front panel frame.

2. iPhone X Screen Replacement Tool Kit

A tool kit is a package of all the tools that are required in the process of replacing the screen. The tool kit contains several screwdrivers and nuts to open and remove the old screen and fix the new screen.

3. Free Shipping

When you order the iPhone X Screen Replacement Kit, there will be no charges that shall be tied to the shipping. It is free to facilitate the repair of your iPhone X.

4. Warranty Lasting for 180 Days

Upon the purchase of the iPhone X screen replacement kit, a warranty that covers the performance of the screen for 180 days will be given. Within this period, the seller can take action if the screen does not work well.

You should not have any doubt on us since we are an online store offering all your screen solutions. We have significant experience in handling the repairs.

Step by Step for Replacement the iPhone X Screen

1. Before this process, make sure that the iPhone is discharged. The screen replacement process involves the following steps;
Remove the screws at the lower end of your iPhone

2. Tape the display to avoid the cracked screen from harming you

3. Apply the heat gun for a minute to weaken the adhesive forces on the iPhone

4. Using the iSclack, place suction equipment on the iPhone’s lower end to separate the screen and the back side

5. Use a single suction and a handle to pull out the broken screen. The place an opening pick all-round the phone to remove the screen

6. Swing the display from left to open your gadget

7. Remove the five Y000 screws holding the connector of the board bracket and remove it

8. Use spudgers point to pry battery connector from its logic board and disconnect it

9. The OLED should be disconnected using a fingernail

10. Remove digitizer connector cable from its socket using a fingernail

11. Gently raise up the corresponding cable to weaken adhesives force

12. Remove the assembly of the display

13. Replace the display assembly screws

14. Remove the speaker screws and the sensor assembly

15. Use a spudger and pry the speaker assembly out

16. Use a heat gun and soften the adhesive force securing the sensor

17. Use the spudgers to separate and remove the microphone

18. Using an opening pick, keep the notch and module on the fore panel

19. Remove the sensors of the light using tweezers

20. After removing everything, make sure you know the place for every screw and component and fit in the new screen

The replacement is not that hard if you are genuinely dedicated to carrying it out.

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