iPhone XR Screen Replacement Kit


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  1. Original iPhone XR LCD Screen + Touch Screen Assembly
  2. Tools kit
  3. 180-day warranty
  4. Free shipping
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When your iPhone screen is broken, it definitely means that its productivity and responsiveness is reduced. It sucks if you cannot read important messages and emails on time just because your phone isn’t responding. This may also reduce your productivity when using your phone for business purposes.

When using iPhone XR and you have a problem with it, don’t worry because Repairlabs is here to help you out. iPhone XR Screen Replacement Kit has the following features that will help you replace and have your phone working again. This contains: tools, replacement parts, warranty and a free instruction guide for their customers.

What iPhone XR Screen Replacement Kit includes?

1. A 100% authentic iPhone XR screen and digitizer

The iPhone kit replacement will provide you with all the tools you need to fix your screen including the 100% authentic screen glass and digitizer which is of high quality and will fit your iPhone XR exactly from the bottom to the top. The screen is reliable and durable which means it will serve you for a long time than you expect. It has a unique design that resembles the original one. For this reason, no one will even notice that you replaced your screen.

2. iPhone XR Screen Replacement tool kit

This kit contains everything you need to use without the help of a professional. Follow the instructions and get your iPhone XR back to the track. The instructions are easy to understand.

3. Free shipping

This is an added advantage to our customers as the iPhone XR replacement kit is delivered to you free of charge at your destination.

4. Warranty

The warranty is 100% guaranteed that enable our customers to enjoy the services.
The warranty is up to 180 days.

Why choose Repairlabs

We provide a full warranty with 100% guarantee

  • The payment is flexible and easy.
  • We offer free shipping to your destination.
  • The price is pocket friendly.
  • We offer high quality kits with positive reviews and 100% authentic to different brands of phones.
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