Restore to Previous Version of Windows from Windows 10 – Stuck or in Loop

The major problem that every user face after the release of the Windows 10 is its annoying updates. The updates are released but most of them have bugs and issues causing a lot of trouble to the user. The only option the user can think of at that point is to restore to the previous version of the windows. It can be Windows 7 or Windows 8 or 8.1.

Most of the time this procedure works and the windows is restored to the previously saved restoration point where windows has backed up, but sometimes either it is stuck on the screen or goes in an endless reboot loop, displaying the message – ‘Restoring the Previous version of Windows’, which is a bit annoying to the windows users as no one knows that for how long will it stay in the loop.

Some users try to restart their PC which can cause a permanent breakdown of the system as the windows get corrupted because of the interruption in the restoring process. The users should wait for at least 3-4 hours if the restoring is stuck in a loop and should wait to see that if the Windows sorts this loop problem itself. As, there is a possibility that even after it is stuck, it works in the end.

But even after the wait of 3-4 long hours, the system doesn’t respond by getting out of the loop the following solutions can be used.

Solution to Restoring Previous Version of Windows

When a system is stuck in the loop while restoring the previous version or even during the updates, the user must have one of these two options in its arsenal, a Bootable USB drive or should have configured and added Safe Boot in their boot menu as an option.

Now for troubleshooting this problem, a Bootable USB drive must as without the USB drive you cannot get into the repair mode from Login.

Now as the PC is stuck in the loop, follow these steps and get on with the repair;

1. Power down the PC and then start the PC again, do not restart properly power down the PC.
2. As soon as the PC power turns on Press F11.
3. When you will press the F11, you will get into Advanced Startup Options menu and select the Windows option from there

If this option does not work for you then you can boot the Windows 10 in Safe Mode, by pressing Shift and clicking Restart.

Boot in the Recovery Environment

Now as you need the standard installation of windows, here you will get an option to repair the PC, on the install button screen. When you are in the repair mode, you’ll find several options on the screen, consisting of Reset, advance option and more.

Reset the windows is the last option if the rest of the solutions does not work.

Fix Master Boot Record MBR

When the Windows 10 is upgrading, the system edits the boot record because of which it knows that from where to resume if the system gets a restart. But if it doesn’t add any entry into the upgrade the system will boot into the previous version of the Windows. This problem can be get rid of by fixing the MBR and PC will be sent back to the previous/old installation.

Now under the Advanced Startup Option, you will find the option to use the Command Prompt. Select that option and a window of command prompt will open, write the command, Bootrec.exe, which is a tool and when this tool starts to run the following commands one after another as it will repair the MBR and will rebuild the Boot Configuration Data file.

The sequence of running commands is as follows:

• bootrec /RebuildBcd
• bootrec /fixMbr
• bootrec /fixboot

Follow the steps, and enter the commands in the same order, o repair the MBR, and it will restore the windows to the previous version.

Perform the System Restore or Startup Repair

If the fixing of MBR does not work as we want it then Go to Advanced Startup Menu Options and choose either of the two System Restore or Startup Repair.

System Restore, will take you back to the previous version or working state of the windows before the problem aroused.

Startup Repair will help in resolving the issues like these which stops the windows from loading.

Reset your Windows 10 PC

If none of the above solutions works, then we are left with no choice than to reset the Windows 10 by choosing the Reset this PC button and click on it to get started with the Reset.

This option will help by reinstalling the windows completely but don’t afraid as it will give you the option to keep your files. You will have to just reinstall apps and software after this step, but it will be worth it because it’s the faster way to install windows than a fresh install.

In case this also does not work and you are still facing the problem then you have to install the windows completely using the same USB drive. With This method, you can go back to the previous version of Windows 10.

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